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The Strategy Call consult session was created to help spa and salon owners who need a boost pinning down their goals, identifying their problem areas and getting some inspiration and fresh ideas. It can also work well for owners who are just beginning to realize that they can take their businesses further than they’ve ever imagined -- with the help of industry experts.

Prior to the session, we will have you answer 34 questions. While studying your responses, we will also audit your company’s online presence so we’re as prepared as possible. 

Whatever your issues are, we’ll prioritize your needs and sort things out. Worried that you’re not sure where you want to take your business? No problem: We’ll go on a little discovery journey together. Confident about where you want to go, but can’t quite get all the parts moving in the same direction? No worries: The consult will help you nail things down. Together we’ll inventory where things stand both in your business and in your personal life: your strengths, habits, goals, dreams. The end result will be a customized roadmap you can follow for the next year. 

We believe that living our lives and businesses by design makes us happier, more confident and ultimately able to give more of ourselves to the people and things that mean the most to us.

Ronit Enos
Ronit Enos
Business Strategist

About the instructor

Hey entrepreneur, I’m Ronit and I’d like to tell you a bit about myself and how I got to where I am today. I grew up in Israel, serving in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and cultivating my love for fresh Mediterranean cuisine. While working as a stewardess on El Al Airlines, I met my lovely husband, Bill, in Los Angeles. One crazy year later and we were married and living in New York City.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. In those early years in America, I ran several catering businesses, drawing from my love for food. But it was in the hair industry that I ultimately found my creative calling. I started Maxime Salon in the South Shore of Massachusetts, which I founded and grew into a six-figure enterprise over a decade of fun, learning, and lots of passion.

I quickly learned that running a small business is a full time job, as in you are never off the clock. Raising two beautiful children, finding that balance between life and work was more important than ever. So I set to work streamlining every aspect of the business to be as efficient as possible, allowing me the free time that many small business owners struggle to achieve.

Educating my employees was a major part of how I ran the Salon. Now, my passion for education has moved from the salon to helping other small business owners achieve the success and freedom we all strive for. I guide my clients through a discovery process that converts ambiguity into a crystallized focus and action plan that elevates their brand and delivers on customer expectations. But most of all, I teach my clients how to grow their business while creating a more balanced and financially independent lifestyle.


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